Casino tricks – how to leave the player with the nose

Casino tricks - how to leave the player with the nose

Sometimes, you are surprised at the number of complaints from players, containing information that the casino deprived them of winning, absolutely not legitimate. It seems that now there is enough information online not to get caught in these “tricks” not conscientious institutions, but the reality says otherwise. Almost daily, on our forum players complain about illegal actions online casinos. But the “sadness” of the situation is that the actions of casinos in most cases is absolutely legal.

Experienced players, know very well that before registering at the institution should read the rules of the online casino. And if you intend to use the bonuses, then reread them several times. Although, especially “gifted” institution perfectly learned to veil the rules, such a “trash” that the game turns into a complex mathematical calculation and memory training.

Casino tricks - how to leave the player with the nose

We’re not talking about scripting Volcanoes and other similar casinos. We’re talking about casinos that have a valid gaming license, where the player must be protected, and in general the gameplay must succumb to a logical explanation.

Immediately note that all the “pitfalls” casinos honestly spells out in their rules. And where to go, after all, a license. But as we know, you can write in different ways, or present as a complex essay in several volumes. So before you start playing with or without a bonus, we pay attention to the basic aspects of the rules, the violation of which clearly gives the casino the opportunity to cancel the player’s winnings.

Maximum bet is a restriction that prohibits betting above a certain value. Applies to the game with the active bonus.
It seems to be harmless. Well, they said you can not bet more than 300 rubles, and I will not. Now imagine the situation that during the game session you start to get lucky, and it lasts more than four hours, you will remember that there is a limit on the maximum bet? Some, yes. But for the most part, of course not. Especially players who are just beginning their acquaintance with online casinos. Moreover, there are slot machines where a player can accidentally press the “maxbet” button and the spin will start automatically.

As soon as you make a single game round bigger than the allowed limit, the casino has a reason not to pay you the winnings.

You stop the game. You take a screenshot, which shows the account balance at the time of detection of excess bet. And write to the online support chat, explaining the situation. There may be several outcomes. The cheerleader will look at the history of the game and if there was only one spin, may allow you to continue playing further. In another option, if the employee is not competent or the number of spins is beyond decency (for example, there were more than a dozen, hundreds), you will be asked to wait for the decision of the casino administration. In any case, do not be lazy, take a screenshot of the communication in the casino chat room.