Is it realistic to make money on sports betting and what are the strategies?

Is it realistic to make money on sports betting and strategies
Is it realistic to make money on sports betting and strategies

Recently, advertising of bookmakers has taken over the media space. An attractive picture is drawn to the viewer – cars, money, girls. A voice against the background of pictures of luxurious life informs about easy and big wins. But these videos have little in common with reality. You can win a couple of times with luck, but the long term is important. Sites de apostas confiaveis help to honestly withdraw the earned money on bets.

Betting is an intellectual work, therefore, in order to succeed, you will have to unload more than one statistical and informational “carriage”, and then, on the basis of this, you will also have to correctly calculate the probability of the event outcome.

Is it realistic to make money on sports betting and what are the strategies?
How do bookmakers work?
“The first rule of sports betting is that the bookmaker cannot lose.”

The principle of the bookmaker’s work is most easily explained with an example. Suppose there is a football match between teams “A” and “B”. The first thing a bookmaker does is create odds. To do this, analysts calculate statistical indicators – victories, goals, shots and indirect factors – motivation, physical shape, team environment. From the totality of the received data, the probability of the outcome of events is formed. Let’s say it is:

  • Victory “A” 1.65
  • Draw 2.60
  • Victory “B” 3.40

But this is pure and as close to reality as possible. It is not profitable for the bookmaker to set such odds, so they are changed.

The picture looks like this:

  • Victory “A” 1.55
  • Draw 2.50
  • Victory “B” 3.20

What changed? Now the odds include the margin, which is the net profit that the bookmaker will put in his pocket, regardless of the outcome of events.

The manipulation of the odds does not end there, as there is still a chance of loss. And based on the first rule of sports betting, we remember that the bookmaker never loses. The next step is to adjust the odds depending on the distribution of bets.

Even bookmakers are not able to predict how much money will be wagered on a particular outcome.
Suppose that in the first hours for the match between teams “A” and “B”, a total of 200,000 rubles were wagered. At the same time, the money was distributed as follows:

  • Victory “A” 130,000
  • Draw 10,000
  • Victory “B” 60,000

In this situation, the bookmaker, if team “A” wins, will incur a loss of 1,500 rubles, in case of a draw, a profit of 175,000 rubles, and if team “B” wins, a profit of 8,000 rubles. This is unacceptable, the risks must not only be minimized, they must be eliminated. To do this, bookmakers adjust the odds:

  • Victory “A” 1.50
  • Draw 2.50
  • Victory “B” 3.10
  • Is it realistic to make money on sports betting and what are the strategies?

Suppose that before the closure of bets on this match, the players have placed another 300,000 rubles with new odds in the following ratio:

  • Victory “A” 190,000
  • Draw 20,000
  • Victory “B” 90,000
  • Now what you need. In this situation, the bookmaker in case of victory of team “A” will receive an income of 15,000 rubles, in case of a draw – 150,000 rubles, with the victory of team “B” – a profit of 21,000 rubles. As you can see now, it doesn’t matter how the match ends. In any case, the bookmaker will win.

Chances to make money on betting with a beginner?
“The second rule of sports betting is don’t count on luck.”

If you’re not a bookie, the start isn’t very encouraging, is it? But you shouldn’t despair. The fact that the bookmaker never loses does not mean that the player always loses. You can still snatch a piece of pie. But for this you have to try. Find out more information about the best sites where you can bet on sports on this site –

How much you can earn from sports betting is the wrong question. You need to figure out how to do this. Newbies usually do not know the inner workings and place their bets at random. This must be eradicated from the very beginning. Otherwise, the player will soon move from the “beginner” rank to the category of dads. And this is an insult to the bettor.

Is it realistic to make money on sports betting and what are the strategies?
Here are some tips for newbies to increase your chances of success at first:

  • Don’t bet on the Express. Even experienced gamblers rarely take on this type of bet. There is a general opinion among tippers that it is impossible to consistently win on express trains;
  • Do not play live bets. To play live means to count on luck. You need to become a cold-blooded pragmatist, so this path is not for you;
  • Don’t trust those who offer match fixing. No one will ever sell them online;
  • Concentrate on one thing. Choose one sport, or even better one championship, so the chances of success will increase;
  • Don’t play all-in. For each event, bet a certain percentage of your money;
  • Place your bets yourself. There is nothing wrong with using a capper, but he will not teach you how to win. And it’s very easy to stumble upon scammers.
  • This is not the whole list of recommendations for those who want to make money on sports betting. In the future, with experience, you will develop your own rules. But get ready that you will have to fill the cones, without it anywhere.

How to learn to make money on sports betting?
“The third rule of sports betting is to study, study and study again”