Maximum bet limit

Maximum bet limit

In some establishments there is a maximum betting limit, which can’t help but be glad. But most do not. And the reasons for this from the banal vested interest (the ability not to pay the player in case of violation). To quite sane. For example, the casino has various promotional offers, each of which has its own betting limit. Therefore, it is technically impossible to implement an automatic betting restriction.

There are rules that make you nervous, even experienced players. Some casinos set the bet from the amount of the deposit. Explaining this by the fact that if a player has made a deposit of no more than 3000 rubles, he does not play at rates higher than 100 rubles. Nonsense? Definitely. Some people take a bonus just to be able to play at higher rates for themselves.

Interest from a bet – prohibits making bets above the amount expressed as a percentage of the balance.
How are you doing with math? When playing online casinos, you will need to quickly calculate a certain percentage of the balance in the game account, in front of each spin. Already want to say: “Yes, they’re fucking already there, in their casinos?”. Believe me, not yet.

Maximum bet limit

And so playing with an active bonus on the account in certain casinos, the player is forbidden to bet more than a certain percentage of the amount on the balance! Other casinos, limit the rate only a percentage of the deposit made, which on the one hand is good if the deposit is large and accordingly bad if it is small.

Forbidden games – a list of games in which you can not play with the active bonus.
Remember everything is the motto of a modern player. Apart from the maximum bet limit, the player needs to know which games can be played with the active bonus and which can’t. In case of violation, this rule will be followed by cancellation of the winnings. And the list of games, more than 20 titles.

It is worth noting that in some online casinos the player simply can not enter the slot. Or even if he will play games from this list, he is not threatened with anything, just will not be counted wagering vizier.
But do not relax, if prohibited, it is better not to take any chances. And believe me, the casino will not miss the opportunity to deprive the winnings, by the way, on our forum was a complaint from a player who was not paid the winnings on the basis of violation of this condition.

Vager – prohibits the withdrawal of winnings from the casino until a certain number of bets.
In principle, the “light” restriction compared to the above requirements. Remember nothing, spin the slots, yes spin. The problem may be that you have to spin until you retire. Vager’s got a numerical value. The bigger it is, the longer you’ll play to meet that condition.