This financial strategy as well as melhores previsões para desporto has gained popularity due to its theoretical win-win. By using it, the player will never lose the pot (assuming no betting commission: bookmaker’s margin, stock exchange commission, etc.) If the recommendations are followed, there is a 50% chance that the capital will be multiplied. However, this does not happen quickly, but over a large number of betting cycles. The important thing about Flat is that it is a financial strategy. It does not determine the course of the game, it does not estimate the odds of the outcomes, it does not take into consideration the specifics of sports and teams and it is not connected to complicated mathematical calculations. Bets are based on a simple principle of percentage distribution of the total pot. That is, we take a certain percentage of the amount depending on the type of scheme (about schemes later) and put them in a particular period of time in accordance with the chosen gaming principle. For equal-likelihood events (with odds 2.0 excluding BC margin) it is enough to win in 51% of outcomes to get the minimum profit.

The main principle of the FLET strategy: the sum of all bets is the same throughout the game series. Firstly, it allows you to avoid making any complicated calculations. Secondly, this strategy allows you to visually evaluate the effectiveness of bets, such as those based on predictions.

The beauty is that you can use any pot size and no complicated calculations. The main thing is to control the state of gambling and not to bet more than the measured amount on the sure thing. Violation of tactics threatens to disrupt the scheme, losing the game bank. For the minimum initial capital point, you can take even 100 rubles. However specialists advise to put not less than 1000 rubles, as the bank still have to divide it into equal parts, not for 10 rubles to bet (it is possible, but not even all bookies will accept such small bets).


Flat is simple and straightforward to use. It does not, however, prevent you from classifying financial tactics by type. There are currently four basic types what it says here: In addition to these, the strategy has so-called cousins, which are based on it.

Static Flat.




The first type is ideal at the initial stages of the game. It differs in the minimum fraction of split (usually 1% of the amount) and the maximum wagering cycle time. In some cases, the latter can be up to 1 year and amount to several thousand bets. Academic is popular in professional circles. Another name for it is the expert one. There is a certain risk of losing the bank, since the share of bets averaged 2% and can reach 3%. In order to play at academic level it is advisable to:

To know the peculiarities of the sport;

An understanding of forecasting and sports analytics; 

To be able to calculate the probability of a single bet or a cycle.

The advantage of the expert form: more winnings with acceptable risks. Some daredevils switch to the aggressive Flat betting tactic. It involves a betting amount of at least 3% of the pot. Here there are serious risks, however, to the danger of the same “doggedness” (which is more correctly called the Martingale system) is a long way off. The upside is the same – the amount of winnings. The extreme in terms of this strategy is the chaotic way of betting. This is a big game with a maximum number of bets per cycle of 10. At first glance, an unjustified madness. This kind of betting works well in tournaments where there are few events and no risky decisions can be made without it.


New players often make the mistake of using the simplest Flat. This strategy is easy to use, but it also requires a number of rules and following an algorithm of actions. After all, modern betting is a set of guidelines, observations and mathematical patterns. You have to put up with this convention and use it to win. Here is a working variant of applying the Flat financial scheme.

Choose the optimal amount. Risk is inherent in sports betting. Do not think that 1000 rubles in a month will translate into 10000 of net profit. It is either a fairy tale or a great piece of luck, a notion that does not apply to professional betting and systematic gaining of profit from betting. Most bettors have to work very hard for even 20-30% profit. In Flat Betting the starting pot is crucial. Your profit percentage is the only thing that counts. Take at least $500, and preferably $1,000. This will allow feeling comfortable on all stages of the game.

Type of strategy. We talked about them in detail above. If you are a beginner, it is better not to go further than academic. In the other two variants, you need serious experience and professionalism.

Setting the periodicity. For each type of tactic, there are generally accepted cycle times. For static one it is about a year, for academic one or two months, for aggressive and chaotic one it varies from 30 to 10 days. For ASB predictions, the game cycle rarely lasts longer than 50 bets, although there is variability, of course.

We recalculate the bet amount in terms of the plus to the bank. For example, it was 1000 and now it is 1200. If you bet at 10%, the minimum bet amount rises from 100 to 120. This variation of the Flat strategy is called “Percentage of Pot”.

This plan is supplemented with items as needed. Professionals often recalculate the minimum bet on related strategies. What makes this tactic special is its versatility in terms of sports, game pairs. It is suitable as a supplementary tool or as a separate, relatively passive earner.