What’s the vager calculation

What's the vager calculation

To make it clearer, let’s look at an example: A player received a bonus of 1000 rubles with a Vanger equal to 50. Accordingly, the player will be able to meet the wagering conditions when betting on the amount: 1000 (received bonus) multiplied by 50 (Vanger) we get 50 000 rubles.

That is, the higher the value of the Vager, the longer you will have to wager it and the less chance you have of successfully completing it. Do not forget that this requirement applies in conjunction with the maximum bet limit.

But here too, the casino has found a way to mislead players. On some promo, you can see quite an attractive bonus on the deposit and the inscription that says that the vager is only X30. But as Masha said: “I went in, but he wasn’t behind the fence”. Similarly, in this situation, after reading the more detailed rules of providing this “sweet” offer, the player discovers that the vager spreads on the amount of bonus and deposit! And its actual value is not 30, but 60. Which is clearly not attractive anymore, and just not beautiful.

Strategies – a set of measures aimed at ensuring that the casino win.

What's the vager calculation

The rules state that a player is forbidden to use strategies when playing slots and other games, if this fact is discovered, the casino has the right to cancel the winnings and block the account.
It would be fair to say that it would be fair to have strategies listed. For example, to play roulette, you can not use “Martingale” (doubling the bet, each game round, when betting “red” or “black”). In this case, it turns out that the casino may, at its discretion, consider your game as a “strategy”. even if you played one slot all the time for one bet. They’ll say you’ve read the horoscope and the stars have told you everything.

Mystery: Back and forth, back and forth. God, that feels good. Did you guess? That’s right, the swing. That’s what you might call a frequent change of betting amount when playing slots. Which of us, even once, did not “rock” the slot, making a series of bets at 10 denominations then raising to 50 and above and dropping to 20 denominations? All without exception, in one way or another.

Attention, there are casinos that consider this a strategy game. And the guys don’t know that. Stupid? Obviously, it is. If the casino claims it’s a strategy, then let me ask why it doesn’t work? Because it’s an extra excuse to “bend” a player.
In general, ⚠ is not a complete list of all the possible official tricks from the casino. It’s a rule of who’s on what. There are rules that blatantly insult the “feelings” of players. For example, the casino is a direct test of what: “Has the right to close the player’s account at any time.” Naturally, this “time” will come, who only the user wins a substantial amount, and while he loses the rule as if not.